(a between me and you moment)

Tomorrow is R-Day (AKA D-Day but it’s a Release, ergo R-Day).

I’m currently drowning my anxiety (who’s very persistent, btw) in bread, marmalade, and butter, waiting for my boys to be home so I’ll have a distraction to resent. And my nails have seen better days. My general state of cleanness too (but hey, between the interviews I have to write, the promo on FB and Twitter, my blog, and feeding those two guys I have home with me, shaving had been downgraded to I-don’t-really-care position) (which is grossly liberating).

It’s the first book I’m putting out completely by myself and boy, do I feel the heat. You see, the very first book was with a pub house. The following 3 with groups of amazing writers. There was always some peer-hand-holding when needed.


My computer tries to hold my hand, and it’s so not the same.

Also, it’s for the most personal story I’ve ever written, and I had no idea of that while I was writing.

All of this leads to an emotional mess–c’est moi.

So, I’m sorry for this out-of-the-blue post. I guess in a very odd way you, all the 195 people following this blog, are my people and I wanted to reach out and disclose the highest freak out in the book release history.
I’m sorry to barge into your Friday, too.

Thank you for staying with me.

Vivi out.


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