The Merry Men Quartet Contest and Meet the Author.

You guys, I have a different thing here today. Meredith, the Author, will explain and talk a little about it, I’m just going to say that her covers are amazing!

So here we go, and I’ll pass the mic to Meredith.

Hi all!

The Regency Romance series, The Merry Men Quartet, has all new covers! I’m so excited I just have to share! And not only share what they look like, but share the books as well! I’m hosting a contest on Facebook so that everyone can enter to get a free copy of whichever book of the series they want. All you have to do is comment on the post and tell me which book you’d like and you’ll be entered to win that book! I’ll be giving away one copy of each book on August 29th, so hop over to Facebook and tell me what you think of the new covers!!

The Merry Men Quartet recounts the stories of four friends and their paramours, each with an intriguing past, trying to find their way – and discovering romance – among the salons and secrets of Regency England.

51C5Mws2IrL._SY346_The series begins in alluring India (in An Exotic Heir), through the eyes of Cassandra Renwick, who has escaped to her parents in Calcutta to get away from society. But Calcutta provides her with another challenge – the intensely handsome Anglo-Indian Julian Ritchie, who is intent at redressing the snubs and slights he has had to endure. Julian determines to get his revenge by making his boss’s newly arrived daughter fall in love with him. What he doesn’t realize is that love – and revenge—can go both ways. 

Julian and Cassandra’s story moves from the colorful palaces of 51zSUDP+JkL._SY346_India to the cultured drawing rooms of Regency London and intertwines with the stories of three Regency gentlemen, and their adventures (romantic and otherwise). Lord Merrick (Merry to his close friends) and his close friends Sinclair Stratton, Lord Reath (known as Sin), and St. John Fotheringay-Phipps (known to all simply as Fungy), are there to help Julian and be helped—each to his own intriguing match.

The challenge for the dashing Sin (in A Rake’s Reward) is the outspoken and very determined American Sarah Whately, who will do anything to find a treasure her grandfather said was hidden in 51LaZB8IFzL._SY346_their family estate that Sin won at cards when he was young. The kind nobleman Merry (in The Merry Marquis) must help the shy but incredibly talented Spanish pianist, Teresa Seton, find her way in society while overcoming the tragedies of his own past. And the foppish, funny Fungy (in A Dandy in Disguise) has to repeatedly rescue the spirited and naïve Rose Grace, who is just learning the ropes of society after spending her youth on an archeological site in Greece.51wjZd6dOGL._SY346_

Each of the stories, a complete tale by itself, blends romance, adventure and intrigue – and a dash of fun – with outsiders to Regency society trying to adjust to its manners and mores. Read the Merry Men Quartet: An Exotic Heir, A Rake’s Reward, The Merry Marquis and A Dandy in Disguise.

Thank you!


Here’s the link to enter the contest.

And here’s Meredith Amazon Author’s Page, so you cab brwose all of her books.

Amazon Author Page

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