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How could I let this one go?
The Book is The Genesis Of Isis by Justin Newland, an Epic fantasy.
Before she was born, the Helios, a tribe of angels from the sun, came to
Earth to deliver the Surge, the next step in the evolution of an
embryonic human race. Instead they spawned a race of hybrids and
infected humanity with a hybrid seed.
Horque manifests on Earth with another tribe of angels, the Solarii, to
rescue the genetic mix-up and release the Surge.
Akasha embarks on a journey from maiden to mother and from apprentice to
priestess then has a premonition that a great flood is imminent. All
three races – humans, hybrids and Solarii – face extinction.
With their world in crisis, Akasha and Horque meet, and a sublime love
flashes between them. Is this a cause of hope for humanity and the
Solarii? Or will the hybrids destroy them both? Will anyone survive
the killing waters of the coming apocalypse?

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I had the pleasure to speak with Justin, and  told me about what drew him to the stories of Ancient Egypt.

I wanted to explore our human origins. Where did we come from? How did we get to where we are today? Why are things as they are? I wanted to conceive a story that offered the discerning reader a different entry point to these age-old questions. Inevitably, it led me to Ancient Egypt, the world’s earliest recorded historical culture.

As the oldest, Egypt civilisation influenced everything that followed: the first in any field always does. That’s why Egypt is known as the ‘Mother and Father of all things’.

The Ancient Egyptians imagined their origins though creation myths, such as the myth of Isis. In it, Osiris, her husband, is murdered and has his dismembered body parts distributed all over Egypt. Isis gathers them together and miraculously brings him back to life. This is a story of life and death, procreation, rebirth and the struggle for power, all archetypal themes. It’s about genesis, because that’s what genes of Isis means.



Sometimes when I sit alone and the night draws in like a curtain of fine black soot, my skin becomes ultra-sensitive. I can feel the slight vibrations of a shadow, or detect a passing wraith vainly seeking its way home. Each nerve fibre develops its own echo, so as the feeling travels from my fingertips, through the palm, along the forearm, then flashes through the scapula, it culminates in a resounding crescendo in the caverns of my soul.

Stillness ushers in this state, a strange quiescence that comes from afar. It is as if I were afloat in the midst of a great galaxy, where the sound of the millions of years hums in the inner chambers of my mind like a gentle but mysterious symphony.

When I touch its panorama, I see with my own eyes, but in a way subtly different to normal vision. I watch with other eyes. Other eyes, how is that possible? There is only me, isn’t there? But there issomething else, an entity, that seesthroughmy eyes, that sees what I see. How can this be? That I can see? That the other can be? Yet I tell you it is so.

They are the Eyes of the Watchers…

My name is Akasha

I am mother of you all.

You are the children of angels. 

And this is our story.

Justin NewlandAbout the Author

JUSTIN NEWLAND writes historical, fantasy and speculative fiction with a supernatural bent.

His first novel, The Genes of Isis(Matador, 2018), is an epic fantasy set under Ancient Egyptian skies.

His second novel, The Old Dragon’s Head (Matador), is a historical fantasy set in Old China and is due out in November 2018.

His work in progress is a historical novel set in Prussia during the Enlightenment in the 1760’s.

His stories add a touch of the supernatural to history and deal with the existential themes of war, religion, evolution and the human’s place in the universe.

He lives with his partner in plain sight of the Mendip Hills in Somerset, England.

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