On Tour with The Love Fool, Meet the Author, and Giveaway.

I’ll use the book’s tagline because is simply good: it’s a Rome-antic Comedy. Man, this will be stuck in my head all day. Also, I have Lorenzo with me, and he’ll give fun tips for an even more enjoyable trip to Rome (And I’m going to add a note of mine at #4. Sorry, but I feel strongly about it).

Here we go.

The book is The Love Fool: A Rome-antic Comedy by Lorenzo Petruzziello


Set in Rome. Follow the whirlwind antics of a publicist as he struggles to manage his first TV chef-client, his new life, and an unexpected visit from his ex-girlfriend.

Alex recently moved to Italy for an opportunity at a PR firm in Rome. His first client is the beautiful Danish chef Pernille Bjørn, a popular model, TV personality, and cookbook author just entering the booming televised cooking show market in Italy.

Alex’s single-minded career focus is soon thwarted by Emily, an ex-girlfriend he hasn’t heard from in almost a decade.

Italy’s modern culture and enchanting sights set the backdrop to this Rome-antic comedy.

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And here’s what Lorenzo tells us.


Below are some simple and fun tips to help augment your trip to Rome…

  1. VATICAN: BOOK A GUIDED TOUR: The line for entry to the Vatican is always cumbersome and seemingly never-ending. To avoid waiting in such a line, the best bet is to book a guided tour with a respectable tour company. Tour groups typically have a special entrance that allows them to skip the line and get their tour group into the massive galleries. Beware of imposter tour operators. Always check for a reputable tour company.

  2. PANTHEON IN THE RAIN: This is one of my favorite discoveries. If you find rainy weather during your time in Rome, then you’ll have something special to look forward to. Go to the Pantheon. In the domed ceiling is an open circle to the sky. You would think the rain just ours right in, but that wasn’t the case. Instead as the water enters the circle, it turns into a mist. And for an even more special treat, on Pentacost Sunday (seven weeks after Easter) the special mass is celebrated by dropping rose pedals down the circle – called la pioggia di petali di rose.

  3. APERTIVO: Dinner in Rome typically starts at 8:30 PM. But most Romans grab a social cocktail prior to then. During the time of 6:30PM-8:30 PM, Roman bar cafes are filled with people meeting up for a light cocktail and bar snacks. All to prep and organize for dinner to follow; whether out or at home. Most locations offer a buffet of snacks which typically come free with your drink order. Be sure to participate in this fantastic custom.

  4. COFFEE: HOW TO ORDER. By now, it should be known that capuccino is taken only in the morning – never after 11 AM. When ordering a coffee – the standard is a basic espresso – hot. Typically, orders are taken at the register where you are handed a receipt. Take receipt to the barista and repeat your order – he will take receipt and mark it. Stand at the bar and wait for your order – drink coffee at the bar. For table service, sit at table and waiter will come out to you, but note that prices are higher at the table as you will be paying for the service.Viviana’s note about this one. I always, all my adult’s life, had cappuccino at any time (for those new, I’m Italian, born and raised in the countryside near Torino). I went through University with a cappuccino for lunch, and one at the end of the day. Yes, I was given the weirdo’s eye, but I braved it. If you’re in Rome, or any other part of Italy, and want a cappuccino at 5 pm go ahead, order it. If they watch you like you come from the moon tell them: “My friend and book pusher Viviana told me it’s okay.” Feel free to contact me for more… let’s say, assertive words to use.

  5. COFFEE: FOR ANYONE. If you don’t drink coffee, or trying to avoid caffeine, there are other options to allow you to participate in this fantastic ritual. Order a ginseng coffee – this is a coffee with crystals of dried ginseng blended in with the grinds. Allowing for a smoother and naturally sweeter taste – but more importantly – it is encouraged for people with sensitive stomach. For those cutting down on caffeine, you can ask for decaffeinato (decaffeinated) or order a caffe d’orzo; which is a coffee made with grounded barley.

You can find more interviews and things about the story and the author here: tour schedule.

Lorenzo PetruzzielloThe Author.

Lorenzo Petruzziello holds an MBA in global marketing from Suffolk University in Boston, Massachusetts. His background includes publicity and marketing for many of public television’s popular cooking and travel shows. He lives in Massachusetts focusing on his writing. THE LOVE FOOL is his first novel.

Connect with Lorenzo: Website ~ BlogTwitter ~ Facebook ~ Instagram


Win a signed paperback of The Love Fool and a specialized bookmark (open to USA & Canada / 1 winner)


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