On Tour with The Last Dance by Lonna Enox, Meet the Author and Giveaway.

*Sigh* This one seems so romantic… It might be the cover (spot on). Actually, it is the cover because the Heroine is looking for a new life, and found a big mess instead. And a detective. So there’s that. But the cover make it look sooo romantic!

The book is  The Last Dance by Lonna Enox published a few days back as Mystery, Thriller & Suspense.


Saddle Gap, a quiet little town in southwestern New Mexico, seems the perfect place for Sorrel Janes to start her life over. But within a few days she finds herself entangled in two murders, the object of harassment, and the number one suspect of a murder. Will her past terrors destroy her future dreams? Amid the evolving conflicts, she resolves to reconstruct her new life and find happiness. Detective Chris Reed is equally resolved to solve the murders as well as Sorrel’s secrets. Neither of them suspect where the steps of this dance will lead, but they are too stubborn to sit this one out.

You can watch the trailer for this story HERE

I also had the pleasure to have Lonna, the Author, here with me talking about something
very interesting.
Hi Lonna, and thank you for being here. I believe you have something to tells us about dreams.


I grew up on a ranch in west Texas which my great-grandmother homesteaded. It has now been handed down to my two brothers, two cousins, and me. We didn’t have electricity in the beginning, so my mother took us to the public library often.   I dreamed of becoming a journalist after working on the school newspaper.  I took college classes and worked a couple of summers for a renowned journalist, Agnes Kastner Head, who owned a weekly newspaper in Hobbs, NM.  She told me at the end of my second summer, “You will be a teacher…or a novelist…but you have too much heart to be a journalist.”  So I completed my masters in English and taught 30 years in high school—primarily Senior English.

I took early retirement to care for my husband who died shortly after.  My three children were following their own dreams. I wasn’t sure which way to go.

“What are your dreams now?” my children asked.

“I want to write,” I told them.  “Maybe I’m too old.”

“Old?” my mom said.  “Is it possible to be too old to follow a dream?”

So I did.

My first writing for which I received a steady income were articles I wrote and published the first two years after my children challenged me to follow my dreams. I traveled with a wildlife photographer to Maine and wrote about the puffins, to Bosque del Apache in Socorro, New Mexico, to write about the sandhill cranes.  I sold articles about teaching experiences, and articles about my life in general.  Then one evening, on a first date with Ron Tucker, I watched a young woman dancing, this was the inspiration for The Last Dance and the Sorrel Janes mysteries.


Lonna Enox is a former high school and college English instructor. She grew up on a ranch in New Mexico, where she learned to love critters, reading, and “wide open” spaces. She is a wife, mom, and grandmother, as well as the proud owner of 4 rescue pets–3 cats and a dog. Aside from an early stint as a newspaper reporter, she also spent 10 years as a freelance magazine writer. She is happiest exploring a wildlife refuge, cuddling little ones and critters, or snuggled up reading a good mystery.

Lonna is a professional writer with over 250 printed articles in a variety of national and regional magazines. She has written in several genres and The Last Dance is her debut mystery.

Connect with the author: Website~ Twitter~ Facebook ~ Pinterest~ Instagram

This is a Tour, so you can find out more about the Author by following its stop here, where you can also find the link for the giveaway (a paperback copy of The Last Dance).

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