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I often wonder about VIP’s children. While the ‘stars’ reached their dream of fame, their kids are thrown into it which is, I think, kind of messy. Beautiful and easy, in a way, but messy.  The Hero of this book is one of those kids and, to me, it gives the story a deeper layer. Also, I have the pleasure to have Davina here, talking about her favorite movies.

Love & Alliances by Davina Lacey was published a few days back as an Adult, Romance.


“She will be his salvation… And he will build her empire.”

Jenga Rollins.

Hollywood… The ultimate dream. One of the hardest goals to accomplish for anyone brave enough to climb the entertainment ladder, especially for a woman. Yet fiercely independent cinematography student, Jenga Rollins, is determined to finish her master’s degree and to make a difference in the movie industry for females of all races. Trying to bury the most tragic memory of her childhood, Jenga fights to build a new life and doesn’t expect to run into the handsome stranger with the soulful, sad eyes.

Ashton Blasetti.

A man of many faces, the son of a self-made Hollywood billionaire and running from a past he can’t forget. A man of both success and mystery, Ashton is known for leaving a string of broken hearts in his trail and for producing some of the most intriguing erotic scenes on film. He’s quite content reigning as the bachelor prince of underground tinseltown. That is, until he finds  himself saving Jenga Rollins one day on Malibu beach, a twist of fate that changes everything.

What happens when two people from worlds as different as fire and ice come together?

The scandal continues in Love & Alliances.

**This book is for mature audiences**

Goodreads: https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/27201882-love-alliances?ac=1&from_search=true


Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07DQH4TK5/


Hi Davina, and thank you for being here. Can you tell us more about your favorite movies?

Cinema has played a role in my whole life and therefore has the most significant impact on my writing career. My tastes: pretty eclectic. The movies range anywhere from classics some people probably have never heard of, to more modern releases. The genres are just as diverse. Talking about movies has always been a passion of mine so let’s get started.

Number one… The Color Purple
This movie contains a love story between two sisters, and a mom and her children. Who couldn’t love such a theme?

Number two… The Matrix trilogy… The ultimate sacrifice storyline. You just have to love the way Neo and Trinity sacrifice themselves for each other over and over again throughout this trilogy.

Number three… Titanic. No explanation necessary, right?

Number 4… Cleopatra (the Leonor Varela version). Not very many people know about this movie. Everyone always talks about the Elizabeth Taylor version. But this one offers a non-historical view that is filled with such gorgeous eye candy, both in the settings and in the actors. You can’t help but to fall in love with the movie.

Number 5… The Notebook… Yet another one that doesn’t need any explanation. Nicholas Sparks rocks, and he’s also a huge inspiration for my romance writing.

Number 6… The Last Unicorn … Another one that many people won’t know about. This is actually a cartoon and was the inspiration for the fantasy novels that are written under my pseudonym. The story follows a unicorn who turns into a girl to ultimately save the man she loves… Beautiful right?

Number 7…The Dark Crystal
Another fantasy movie from the 80s. However, the core of the movie contains a beautiful love story of sacrifice which plays a role in almost every single book I’ve written.

Number 8… Avatar
Stories of Interracial and forbidden Romance fall into the same category. This movie is a love story all day long. Everyone loves a good challenged romance and the Avatar movie did not disappoint. It played a huge role in the creation of Ashton and Jenga’s storyline.

Number 9… Under the Tuscan Sun. If you love Italy, or want to fall in love with Italy, then this is the movie to make you do so. It’s a love story of life, love, and friendship. It centers around a divorced woman who finds a new purpose in life while writing her latest book. And yes, she finds love in the end.

Number 10… Twilight
Don’t be laughing at me now! But fantasy love rocks, doesn’t it? If you remove the sparkly vampires then you have a really sweet, old-fashioned love story.

At first glance you might think I have one of the weirdest taste in movies. But upon a closer look we’ll see that all of these movies have one thing in common… Every single one of them is a love story, or contain some type of mission of love.

Thank you, Danica!

You can follow the entire tour, with more from the Author and the story, by following this link:


LoveAndAlliancesTourBannerAUTHOR BIO:

Davina Lacey writes steamy, fun, and glamorous interracial romances that push the boundaries of the imagination and offers a unique and refreshing spin on classic love stories. When she isn’t writing, she enjoys gardening, playing & composing music and spending a large amount of time gobbling up all things historical.

The Love & Alliances series is her Interracial Romance debut. Davina also writes under the bestselling fantasy author pseudonym KaSonndra Leigh.

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  1. Love & Alliances by Davina Lacey does sound so hot! The sparks are flying just from the review. Kids of VIPs is a subject that when you see something on social media, everyone can hardly wait to read it. So this does seem believable and can feed that craving for the special, and Ashton and Jenga do sound like an exciting relationship! I love the cover, it sure packs a wallop and would probably end up staying up all night reading it, but wouldn’t mind falling asleep with the cover as my pillow with my head on Ashton!

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