Not Quite An Heiress (Book 2, The Heiress Games), by Kristine Wallace and Meet The Author

Do you remember A while ago I had a book belonging to a Series not quite like any other? The Series is The Heiress Game, and the first book was Least Likely Heiress.

Well, today we have the second story from there, or the second point of view from the same story. The book is Not Quite An Heiress (Book 2, The Heiress Games), by Kristine Wallace, out yesterday. I also have Kristine telling us what’s up with the pig.

The craziest will ever concocted will bring them all together…

Eccentric heiress, Victoria Armington, has died and left her vast fortune to her pet pig, Matilda. Now three Armington descendants have been chosen to compete for custody of the pig…and control of the money. Then there’s the lawyer in charge of overseeing the competition, and his two best friends, who arrive to make sure nothing goes wrong.

Welcome to The Heiress Games…

Heiress #2: Abby Douglas – Not Quite An Heiress

Abby Douglas isn’t quite an Armington. She’s not quite part of The Heiress Games. Her half-sister is, though, and Abby will do anything to ensure she wins the fortune. Because there’s a secret Douglas sister out there…and they need to save her life. The last thing Abby expects is temptation in the form of an arrogant, yet irresistible, ex-football player, Killian O’Connor.

Killian O’Connor needs to reconnect with his troubled teenage son before it’s too late. He’s lost his football career after an injury, and he won’t lose his son. So, he agrees to help his best friend oversee The Heiress Games. The last thing he expected was to fall for a buttoned-up, English professor. Abby and Killian couldn’t have less in common, but they just might discover that the biggest fortune they could find is love.

In the midst of it all, there’s also a saboteur at work. Someone who might stop at nothing to make sure no one wins.

ALERT! The Heiress Games is like no other series. You’ll actually see the same events unfold in Books 1 (Least Likely Heiress) and 3 (The Forgotten Heiress), but from the other characters’ points of view. Each romance will come to a satisfying conclusion, but you’ll have to wait for the ultimate winner to be announced at the end of Book 3. The author apologizes in advance for writing such a cliffhanger, but hopes you’ll love the journey to the grand finale.







Kobo:  https://www.kobo.com/us/en/ebook/not-quite-an-heiress

MAT_2So, Kristine, what’s up with the pig????

Sometimes, you have to resort to unusual marketing methods when trying to promote a book or series. This time it took the form a Matilda the pig. Matilda is a “character” in my series, The Heiress Games. She inherits a fortune from her owner, Victoria Armington, so I call her my heiress pig. In the series, 3 descendants of the Armington family must compete for custody of Matilda (and control of the money). A friend of mine knew about the series and Matilda so she bought me this little plastic pig at a $1 Store. I decided to make good use of her so Matilda now goes on “field trips” where I take her picture. She’s been the zoo, a fancy hotel, a women’s luncheon. the Youth Fair. This week she’s going to Orlando on vacation and this summer she’s going to Alaska. It’s been fun coming up with venues she can visit and I hope to continue with them. Here are a few of her adventures. One of those pics is Matilda celebrating the release of Book 2 in The Heiress Games!

Now, we wait for book n.3 and more pics of Matilda!


Growing up Kristin Wallace devoured books like bags of Dove dark chocolate. Her first Golden Book led to Laura Ingalls Wilder, Nancy Drew, C.S. Lewis and the Sweet Valley High series. Later, she discovered romance novels and fell in love all over again. It’s no surprise then that Kristin would one day try her hand at writing them. She writes inspirational romance and women’s fiction filled with love, laughter and a leap of faith. When she’s not writing her next novel, Kristin works as an advertising copywriter for clients that have included the Miami Marlins, Discovery Networks, The Peabody Hotel, and Sea World. She also enjoys singing in her church choir and worship team. She is a member of Romance Writers of America and has served as President of the South Florida chapter, Florida Romance Writers. Visit her website at www.KristinWallaceAuthor.com


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