Flipped by Lisa-Marie Cabrelli and Giveaway

It’s very hard for me not answering a blurb’s questions, so I’ll present you this story with the last line of it, so you can do the same. Fair, aint’ it?

If you like the dolce vita (I do), quirky fun characters (I do), and surprising happily ever afters (Yes) with a dash of intrigue (yes) and suspense (yeah) that will keep you turning pages, you’ll love this fun, romantic romp through Italy. (All right!) (PS: Cover, top left side.   Better With Prosecco Novel. Enough said).

Still with me? Great. Here’s the book.

Flipped by Lisa-Marie Cabrelli, published a few days back, in the Adult, Comedy, Romance Genre.

Hazel Black is always in control. That is until a slimy new employee steals her work, gets her fired and ruins her chance at a partnership.

Not to worry, her nutty mother, Indigo, comes to the rescue with a nutty plan… move to Italy with her and flip a house she’s just inherited under strange and unexplained circumstances. Hazel knows better than to trust any plans of Indigo’s – but what choice does she have? But Italy has secrets and surprises that rock Hazel’s world.

Dean McLean, rich and famous action hero has developed an embarrassing problem; he faints when anyone points a camera in his direction. Quite an issue for a world famous movie star. When his manager bundles him off to stay with his in-laws in a small Italian mountain village, he can’t get his mind off of his endangered career. But when he meets the beautiful and irresistible Hazel everything he thought he knew turns upside down.

Will Hazel and Dean find their true home and each other? Or will a web of secrets and betrayal keep them apart?

If you like the dolce vita, quirky fun characters, and surprising happily ever afters with a dash of intrigue and suspense that will keep you turning pages, you’ll love this fun, romantic romp through Italy.

Excerpt: The one where Dean realizes he has a problem:

Dean swigged from a bottle of water and waited for the lighting guy to finish. Ed Hardy, the director, was standing close and speaking quietly into his left ear.

“Remember Jack; these are the guys that killed your parents. You, who are not afraid of anything, have never been able to get past your fear of the “Third Eye Syndicate.” We need to feel that fear, but you need to make sure it’s not obvious to the syndicate. They would sense your weakness and take you down.”

Dean nodded along to Ed’s direction. Half the time he didn’t understand what the directors were saying. But they always seemed pleased with the result. He high-fived the sweaty stand-in that had been waiting patiently under those burning lights and took his place. The “Third Eye Syndicate” guys swarmed around him, and he steeled himself to be angry, intense and fearful without showing fear.

“Action!” Ed called.

From the corner of his eye, Dean saw the light on the camera in front of him flash red. He’d seen that red flash a million times before and it always gave him a jolt of adrenaline. This time something different happened. He got the jolt of adrenaline all right, but instead of giving him the energy to nail the scene, it gave him a huge jolt of fear. That tiny red light dragged his attention from the scary “Third Eye Syndicate” until he was staring directly into the gaping black hole of the wide lens. He felt his heart stammer as the camera sucked him towards it, toward the infinite emptiness behind the glass.

Dean shook his head to clear the strange vision and opened his mouth to say his first line. Nothing came out. He heard a strangled choking noise (was that him?) and a massive hand came down, reached into his chest and started crushing his lungs; he couldn’t breathe. Panic surged through him. What was happening? He gripped a handful of his shirt, pushing his fist into the blasting pain, and stumbled. He wanted to ask for water, but when he turned toward Ed, the world wavered as though he were swimming underwater in his pool. Where was Ed? The last thing he saw was a frowning, irritated Adam. Then he was gone.


Lisa-Marie has a weird accent – it’s kind of English, with some Jersey twang and Scottish slang thrown in. That happens when you’re born in England, move to NJ as a teenager and marry a sexy Scotsman.

If you like to read breezy, fun books that you can’t put down then she’d love it if you’d read her books and then emailed her with questions, ideas or insults. You can reach her at: lisa@laptoplifelisa.com

She travels a lot. You’ll find most of her favorite locations popping up in her books. She’s struggling with some serious empty nest syndrome since her daughter flew the nest, which is why she fosters lots of kittens. It doesn’t help much.

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