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Here’s a little bite of my Painted Love as part of the Book Hook, a blog hop that will bring you to more authors and books, you only have to follow the link at the bottom of the blog!


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“Choices, choices, choices,” Flo mused the day after, standing in front of the mirror.

More sleep, more sun, or looking like a vampire.

She’d never felt self-conscious about her looks until Rhett’s remark yesterday. Now, in the bright morning light coming from the small bathroom window, she realized how pale her skin was except for those three spots of red, one over each cheekbone, and one on the tip of the nose. The night spent tossing and turning hadn’t helped, and the dark shade underneath her eyes only highlighted the blood-sucker look.

All right, she would add getting tanned on the to-do list. After a shower, she put on shorts and a tank top which, in January, stood as seriously odd. The cheap French press coffee machine, the same Rhett had given her a hard time about yesterday, did its job and she had breakfast reading the newspapers on her laptop sitting at the kitchen island.

One last email to Jacob to let him know her address and, between harmless remarks over the weather and her tanning- resolution, she slid in some meat.

I’m ready to research the new project, she typed. I’m still unsure as to which subject I can use for best results, but I’ll get there when I find out more about the place.

Jacob, of course, would read a different story: she had started planning for the last heist, and even though she had to



think about involving Rhett or not, she would do what she must. What Jacob wouldn’t read was how much she hoped to come up with a different way to get in touch with Aidan than Rhett.

When her correspondence was finished, she opened a new browser page and typed Aidan Murphy. He had the painting, she would start with him.

Okay, Google had over six million results. Surely, she would find a way to Aidan that didn’t involve Rhett Beckett, she thought scanning the lines.

A showing Aidan made in native Ireland last summer. Another one in Greece. Many more in the States. A party he’d been spotted at. When she hit page ten, Flo gave up. She’d learned a lot about his work, but nothing new about the man behind the art, which was not enough to find an opening by far.

She needed to learn about the guy to steal from him, and he wasn’t making it easy. No mention of friends or family. No mention of what he liked to do when he wasn’t hammering on a piece of rock. Only work, work, work. Didn’t he have a life?

Frustrated, she went to the cabinet to grab a bag of chips, something else Rhett had frowned upon yesterday. Back to the computer, she researched more, found nothing then grabbed a new bag of chips when the first one was empty.

After three hours of useless research, Flo gave up.

The only way she had to know something about him was Rhett, a friend of his, someone Aidan made plans with for the next weekend.

To connect with Aidan, she had to connect with Rhett. With his probing eyes, his sweet smile. And the body.

Flo grabbed an ice-cold bottle of water and sipped. Thinking of him that way would not work. She had to forget about man-Rhett for a moment and focus on bait-Rhett.

Which was wrong and horrible and despicable. He totally didn’t deserve it.

Did she, though? Deserve to be put into the position of having to make those wrong and horrible and despicable decisions? Well, no. So, life sucked for everybody. Hurray.

You can buy it, and the other 3 amazing stories, in the Lawbreakers Collection, FREE on KU, and only 99 cents to buy.


Now hop to the others!

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