His to Break by Penelope Prince and Giveaway

Hi all,

this story is so twisted I simply had to give it to you.

The story is His to Break by Penelope Prince, published just a few days ago as an Adult, Contemporary, Romance.


His Obsession. Her undoing.

Dr. Aiden Shaw is everything I ever wanted—handsome, smart, rich, and dominant. There’s one problem. He has an addiction.
And I’m the only doctor who can treat him.

Our patient-doctor relationship is unconventional. He has one request. I have to fulfill his every desire. In return, Aiden has to open up about his past and bare all his darkest secrets to me.

He promised me pain.
I promised my body.
I thought I could fix him.
He wanted to break me.
Now, he’s become addicted…to me.



 I take a seat across from Aiden, unable to take my eyes off him. He leans back against the plush cushions and stretches his arms above his head, drawing my attention to how tight the black oxford fits his arms and hugs his muscular chest. He sucks me in with one look that goes straight between my thighs, killing me without even touching me.

Aiden was always sexy, but now he oozes sex appeal. Before, his dark hair was longer, messier as if styled that way on purpose. Now, it sweeps over his forehead in waves, not a single hair out of place. He’s so manicured and perfect.

I wish I had some confidence in my ability to treat this man. I’m not even sure I can be in the same room as Aiden. Taking him on as a patient would put me in a strange position every week. But I suspect he needs more than the usual treatment plan.

How will I make it through more than one session without wanting to climb onto his lap? Aiden always did strange things to me.

After an awkward silence, Aiden leans forward with his hands on his knees. “Be a good girl and spread your legs for me,” he says, staring at me as if I am a piece of meat.

I slap my thighs together, now even more aware of Aiden’s intentions. There’s no way on earth I will last through the hour without jeopardizing my career. Before we graduated from the Ph.D. program together, I was so close to giving in to my heart and body and saying the hell with Aiden and his demons.

“You are in my office, Aiden,” I remind him because he seems to need one.

“What does that have to do with anything?”

“I will not feed into your addiction, Aiden. If you want me to treat you, I need to know that you are serious about making a change.”

“The only thing I’m serious about is you, Scar.” He licks his lips. “Now, show me what I have been missing.”

“Aiden,” I shout. “You’re even worse now than when we were in college. Are you here to torture me or to seek out treatment for your sex addiction?”

“A little bit of both. You can heal me, Scarlett. I know you can.”

“Are you willing to work with me?”

“Oh, I am more than willing. You made me an offer five years ago. Do you remember it?”

“How could I forget? You turned me down.”

“I never turned you down. I refused treatment. There’s a difference.”

“I failed to see the distinction.”

“My intentions for you were always clear.”

“Maybe, but you had a problem. I wanted to help you.”

“You wanted to fix me. I’m not some broken toy for you to glue back together.”

“And you wanted to break me,” I counter.

“I still do.”

His to Break Teaser 1


Penelope Prince is a dark romance author from Los Angeles, California who loves getting lost inside the minds of her characters. She’s addicted to caffeine and chocolate, both of which she keeps next to her when she writes her dark and dirty novels.
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