Happy New Year!

Well, you guys, here we are, together in 2018.

I hope you had a fantastic Christmas, New Year Eve, and today were not too shocked about being back to work… I was. A LOT.

Which bring me to apologize to you for the lack of proper wishing you great things for the Holidays (I really hope you did). Which brings me to direct you to my FB profile for the next few days, when I’ll post pictures of our Smokey vacation. It will feature my son trying to understand the concept of cold and not liking it one bit; me and my husband wondering how we lived in a cold weather for so many years; our first moonshine encounter; a reality check when I realized I didn’t have my computer charger and more.

As for the days and months in front of us, I do hope you keep sticking with me. The rule about books still stands: I will always take books that sparkle my curiosity, being that because of the cover, the synopsis, the extract, or maybe the Author. In the past, I kept it something like 95% strictly romance, but this year I’ll be more lax and take some story in other genre IF I think they are good. Romance will always be my home and my first choice.

So, I hope you’ll stay or join me, in you still haven’t.

Thank you for taking the time to read my suggestions, and here’s to me and you and books!!!


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