The Only One by Necie Navone and Giveaway 

Hi all,

Fryday was Release Day for The Only One by Necie Navone (Brothers of Camelot, #1) , an Adult, Contemporary, Romance Series (how beautiful the cover is?).


Can a man whore whose motto is “One and Done” keep it in his pants long enough to win back the trust of his childhood sweetheart?

Drake, otherwise known as Fitz, was dealt a tragic hand from the beginning. Pain and rejection melted away when a little girl with huge brown eyes, strawberry blonde curls and an explosive personality, walked into his new home and his heart.

Inseparable as kids, she’s literally ripped from his arms when they’re teens. Convincing himself he’s unworthy of her, he closed himself off to all future relationships, refusing to open his heart to anyone else. If only she would come back to him.

Isabella, with her unique personality, is the polar opposite of her rich socialite mother, with a determination and drive to be more than just someone’s country club showpiece.

She returns to her childhood town to start her own business, and prove she doesn’t need her mother, or a man, to feel complete. Thanks to her first love, her father’s betrayal and a slew of bad relationships, she’s locked her heart away, hidden behind her smile and sweet disposition. She’s found peace in her memories of Drake, hoping he’ll finally contact her, or maybe she’ll find the nerve to contact him.

Can their long-lost love be rekindled or do they need a little help from their friends?

My eyes pop open, my body tense. Fuck, I dozed off. Glancing around a room I don’t recognize, it all comes flooding back. The chick in the bed beside me… Man, she was fun and flexible. When I picked her up at the club after ladies night, I thought it’d be a quick in and out, no pun intended, but my body must have given out after round four.

Trying to find my clothes in this pigsty is like doing a Where’s Waldo book. There are mountains of clothes, shoes, and junk everywhere. Heading to the bathroom, dodging her junk like an obstacle course, is almost as much exercise as what I just had in her bed. I’ve got to get the fuck out of here and fast.

Slowly closing the bathroom door, I turn the light on. Damn, the bathroom is even worse than her bedroom, if that’s possible. Makeup and hair shit covers every inch of the bathroom counter, even the trashcan is overflowing. This place is downright nasty.

After I piss and wash off my cock, I give a few towels the smell test. Deciding I’ll have to let Henry air dry, my lips twitch in amusement, remembering when my eleven friends and I all named our cocks, back in junior high.

           Come on, a lot of girls name their bits and tits. Right? I’m proud of his name, Henry Peter Longfellow. He must have a mind of his own, or I wouldn’t be in this biohazard of an apartment, just so he can fuck a girl with ginormous, fake tits. It’s hard to find a real girl these days.

“Hey, hurry up! I wanna go for another ride on that big, fine cock of yours,” I hear through the door. Fuck, I hope this chick remembers what I told her before agreeing to take her home.

Opening the door, I begin the hunt for my shoes. “I gotta bounce. I need sleep for tomorrow. I gave you several satisfying rides on my fine cock,” I wave my hands in front of Henry, like I’m Vanna fucking White, “giving you multiple orgasms, I might add. Now, we both go our own ways. I don’t do second nights.”

Her Motto in life:
You are as young as you believe you are,
so refuse to grow old.

Necie’s a married, mother of five boys. She was born and raised in Nashville, TN. But she now calls Northern California home.

She has always dreamed of being a writer but thought that dream was impossible because she suffers from severe dyslexia.
But with her determination and the love and support of her friends, she is making her dream a reality.

She’d love for you to join her on this voyage.
To share with you, ‘The Brothers of Camelot’.
They’ve been living in her head and her dreams for years, clambering to get out.

Let the journey begin…

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Blitz-wide giveaway (INTL)
  • 3x $25 Amazon gift cards + swag

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