The Sea King by C.L. Wilson

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Today I have the pleasure to have with me C.L. Wilson, fellow Floridian and author of  The Sea King, book two of Weather Mages of Mystral, a Paranormal Romance.

From the New York Times bestselling author of The Winter King comes a breathtaking new tale of love and adventure set in the mystical land of Mystra. Let’s learn a bit more about her. 

Hi C.L., and thank you for being with us today. Do you have a day job? 

I used to be a marketing director, and a corporate trainer / manager of training.  I still do some “training” but by way of giving writing workshops to fellow writers.  Of all the jobs I’ve done, I love the creativity of writing, and I love the personal interaction of training.

Do you have any hidden or uncommon talent that helps or makes it harder to write the story?

The biggest roadblock and boon to me as a writer is my ADD brain.  The boon comes from all the wild and wacky turns my brain takes when I’m in the middle of writing a story.  The roadblock comes from all the wild and wacky turns my brain takes while I’m writing a story.  (insert eye roll here).  Seriously, I couldn’t write if my mind wasn’t always going off down strange paths, because that’s where most of my ideas come, but focus is a constant struggle.  Every book I write, every journey towards typing “The End” is a war I wage and a battle I win against my own brain.

I was at RWA a few years ago, and attended a panel about “Writing with the ADD Brain” and I was like “I’ve found my tribe!”  But unlike the panelists who talked about their ADD giving them the ability to hyperfocus, my ADD allows me to hyperfocus only on analytical things (I can write Excel spreadsheets or answer RFPs for thirty-six hours straight, but keeping my brain focused for one hour of writing is like trying to catch trout with my bare hands.)   So I keep looking for ways to trick my brain into being more productive on the writing front.

It’s a work in progress.

What does your writing space look like?

I used to work at a desk in my home office.  I had a computer, a second monitor (for displaying my research, my language files, etc.) and went to town.  But I started having back problems, and leg problems, so now I write in a comfy recliner (with lumbar support!) in my bedroom.

What has been one of your most rewarding experiences as an author?

The most rewarding experiences for me are always getting to meet fellow readers, and especially getting to meet that reader who thanks me for a book that helped them through a dark or tough time.  Books are my escape, my companions, and my joy, so being able to provide even some of that to someone else is truly a blessing.

Favorite actor and actress.

My favorite actor because I think he’s gorgeous and totally fan girl over him, is Richard Armitage.  (Watch him in North & South, the BBC miniseries with Daniela Denby-Ashe, not the lip-glossy 80’s Civil War miniseries with Patrick Swayze.  You WILL Fall. In. Love.  Hoo boy!)

My favorite actress because I think she’s AMAZING is Meryl Streep.  Seriously, besides possessing the most stunning cheekbones the world has ever seen, she’s the most gifted actress ever to grace the Silver Screen.

Pen or computer?

Computer.  Although there’s nothing like a great writing instrument.  And I did write my first completed novel entirely by longhand on yellow legal pads.   And then taught myself to type transferring that book into a word processor.

Music or silence?

Depends on my mood.  I’m quite happy with silence, especially if I have a book.

If you were an animal, which one would you be?

A unicorn!  The world needs more unicorns.  And if someone pissed me off, I could stab him with my head!

Thoughts on gas prices?

I’m ready to go back to 68 cents a gallon!

Is marriage outdated?

Hell, no!   What a horrible thought.

On Nov 7th, I celebrate 25 years with the love of my life.   (And if anyone thinks that means 25 years of nothing but love, happiness, and romance, they don’t understand what marriage is.)  If committing yourself to the person you love, building a life and a family with them, sharing good times and bad, and sticking together even when times get tough and you get angry with one another, ever gets outdated, then the world needs to just end, because there’s no point to anything anymore.

Thank you, C.L.! Now, let’s talk a bit about your latest book, the Sea King. 

The Sea King Banner 851 x 315Synopsis: 

He wasn’t supposed to choose her…

Seafaring prince Dilys Merimydion has been invited to court the three magical princesses of Summerlea. To eradicate the pirates threatening Calberna and to secure the power of the Sea Throne, Dilys vows to return home with a fierce warrior-queen as his bride. But politics has nothing to do with unexpected temptation.

She didn’t dare wed him…

A weathermage like her sisters, Gabriella Coruscate’s gentleness exemplifies the qualities of her season name, Summer. Yet her quiet poise conceals dangerous powers she cannot begin to wield. Better to live without excitement, she reasons, than risk her heart and lose control—until an irresistible Sealord jolts her awake with a thunderclap of raw desire.

Until evil threatens everything they hold dear…

When pirates kidnap Summer and her sisters, Dilys begins a desperate quest to save the woman he loves. Only by combining his command of the seas with the unleashed fury of Summer’s formidable gifts can they defeat their brutal enemies and claim the most priceless victory of all: true love.

Find it:  



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“You can get off me now,” she ordered, mimicking Autumn’s haughtiest tone.

He didn’t move. Instead, he locked his gaze on hers and, with slow deliberation, laid his left wrist flat against her right.

Summer sucked in a breath and went rigid be- neath him as a fresh surge of energy shot through her. Only this time, instead of an electric thunderclap that stunned the senses, this surge fired up every sen- sual cell in her body. If Dilys hadn’t been straddling her, she would have wrapped her legs around his waist and dragged him down atop her. As it was, she burned for him in the worst way. The way his nostrils flared and his tattoos went bright with a fresh burst of phosphorescent blue light only fanned the flames of her desire. She wanted to command him to touch her . . . to kiss her. Her gift of Persuasion flared, bringing the words and the magic to the tip of her tongue.

About the Author:

CL_Wilson_BWC.L. WILSON grew up camping and waterskiing across America, from Cherry Creek reservoir in Denver, CO, to Lake Gaston on the border of Virginia and North Carolina, to Georgia’s Lake Lanier and Lake Allatoona. When she wasn’t waterskiing and camping on family vacations, you could usually find her with a book in one hand and a sketch pad in the other—either reading, writing stories, or drawing.

Sometime around the ninth grade, she decided she was better at drawing her pictures with words than paints and charcoals, and she set aside her sketchpad to focus entirely on writing. Wilson is active in Tampa Area Romance Authors (TARA), her local chapter of Romance Writers of America.

When not engaged in writerly pursuits, she enjoys golfing, swimming, reading, playing video games with her children, and spending time with her friends and family. She is also an avid collector (her husband says pack rat!), and she’s the proud owner of an extensive collection of Dept. 56 Dickens and North Pole villages, unicorns, Lladro figurines, and mint condition comic books.

Wilson currently resides with her husband, their three wonderful children, and their little black cat, Oreo, in a secluded ranch community less than thirty miles away from the crystalline waters and sugar-sand beaches of Anna Maria Island and Siesta Key on Florida’s gulf coast.

Website: http://clwilson.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/clwilsonbooks

Twitter: https://twitter.com/clwilsonbooks

Goodreads: https://www.goodreads.com/author/show/1310735.C_L_Wilson



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