Innocence For Sale .com/Jane by Ada Scott

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Today the spotlight is on  Innocence For Sale .com/Jane by Ada Scott, the third book in the InnocenceForSale.com Series, a New Adult, Romance, Suspense just released.


If Looks Could Kill… He’d Have Killed Even More People…


Would I sell my innocence to save my grandfather’s life? In a heartbeat.

My dreams of immersing myself in the world of art will have to be put on hold while I do whatever it takes to raise the money he needs for the operation.

When I turned up at the hotel to give my winning bidder what he paid for, I never expected that it would be the one man who’s been dominating my fantasies lately. I never expected what would happen next either…


It’s not about love. She’s auctioning her innocence, but I want her for her other talents.

Maybe I should never have dragged her into my world, the underbelly of Las Vegas. Without a doubt, I shouldn’t have fallen for this girl, but I defy any man to not melt under her smoldering beauty. I had to make her scream my name, over and over again.



I stare at Caleb out of the corner of my eye, trying to study him without arousing his suspicion. This is weird. I mean, why the hell would he ever choose to drop half a million dollars and change, plus a rush fee, on what seems to be just one date night with me? And why does he want me to point out forgeries for him? Is this some kind of weird break-the-ice game he found in a pickup artist book or something?

Not that he seems like the kind of guy who would ever require a gimmick or playbook to help him with the ladies. I mean, he’s got to be hands-down the most attractive man I’ve ever been this close to. Just sitting next to him in this limousine is intoxicating. My whole body is prickling with heat, my nerves on fire. Every time he even casually brushes up against me, I can feel a shiver down my spine. My heart is pounding even though we’re just sitting here, not even speaking. His very presence is enough to make me dizzy.

And the thing is… well, I’m disappointed.

It’s crazy: when I first heard that knock at my hotel room door, I was filled with panic and dread, terrified of who might be on the other side of the door. I was dreading the moment my wealthy suitor would lay his hands on my body, touch me in ways nobody ever has before. I was picturing some middle-aged sexually deviant playboy who would treat me like a human sex doll or something.

I never, ever, in a million years could have predicted that the man who paid such an exorbitant amount of money for me would be someone I recognized.

Bad Boy Bad Girl Devil Hell SignThe AUTHOR:
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A former office drone, a former nurse, I now spend every waking moment doing what I love, creating and publishing these steamy stories about bad boys from the mafia, motorcycle clubs, and mma that make me, and hopefully you, weak at the knees! Anywhere a bad boy can be found, I’ll be there taking notes and making it even sexier 🙂

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