Me, myself, and music.

Me, myself, and music.

See the parallel here? With a hero like Erik, how can I not talk about music for a bit?
I’ll start by putting on the music-that-shaped-me list Jon Bon Jovi’s entire These Days Album.

Allow me to back up a bit.

Jon Bon Jovi has been, hands down, my biggest teenage crush.
Born in 1980, I lived in a small village on my grandparents’ farm. Rock and roll superstars weren’t exactly our daily bread. As a result, I wouldn’t have known Jonny’s (yes, we’re on a nickname basis) face if he’d rang my doorbell. The first glimpse I had of him in his human form was when I bought his These Days audiocassette and saw the cover art.

But his music was… right. It was me, amplified.

That album hurt in all the right places. An angry teenager with some baggage, hearing someone shouting Hey God was liberating and soothing–I wasn’t the only one waking up on a bad day over and over. And Damned had the kind of beat I see even today in my own love life–not because of the cheating in the lyrics, but because of the blatant swagger of the song itself.

These are just two of the songs in it, but the entire album stays firmly in my heart.

Not much in terms of music after Jonny, really, until I came across Roger Creager’s Fun All Wrong.
And I was hooked. Country music got me, forever and ever, and I spent a ridiculous amount of time scouting the country music section of iTunes.

Marco and I were living in England by then, and the distance from my past (both in time and space) allowed me to come to terms with a couple of things, one being my boondocks upbringing. Suddenly, I could see the good of it, of that life, and it felt so darn good to hearing into music. I realized I could love and yes, be proud of where and how I grew up, even if it had royally sucked at the moment.

After Roger (nickname basis with him as well, of course) many other came and 10 years after that first encounter, I fine-tuned my taste until I got my Holy Triad, which consists of Dierks Bentley, Eric Church, and Keith Urban.

And please, don’t make me choose only one song for each of them. It would be a Sophie’s choice kind of moment, so let’s just take them, and all their songs, as one. Let’s just hope they keep working because if their music stops, so is my writing.

But how music helps me to tell my story is, quoting my friends Old Dominion, a song for another time.



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