The writer’s struggles. Entry #1 Choosing a seat.

I write at the College Library, and I do love it: squeaky clean, filled with young students, great vibes and lots of room. Plus, it’s a 5-minute drive, literally, from my son’s school, so it minimizes the time waste.

You might think finding the right spot to sit and work in a library is easy.


Multiple problems, the first being what kind of seat.

3 choices.

The glass-walled study room within the main library floor; the table; the individual carrel.

Each has pro and cons.

The study room is warmer and quieter, but I’m not comfortable stealing it from groups of eager students preparing the next test, or whatever they are doing.

I’m not fond of the individual carrel because I feel caged in–can’t see in any direction because of the panels. Plus, I’m messy and I need room for my stuff on the table.

That leaves me with a table. If nobody has the brilliant idea of sitting in front of me, that is. (Seriously, there are 20 other tables available, why this one? Don’t you see I’m right here taking all the room?) Anyway. The table is my usual choice.

Which one among the many needs some more consideration.

It has to be away from any AC vent because I get cold easily; close to the bathroom because I use it an average of 3 times per hour; it has to be along the sides of the library, not in the middle, to avoid the coming and going of people to the computers/reception area.

I have a favorite, my headquarter finally being selected after more than a year of attempts and tries. It’s in the section between Steinbeck and Miller, 34 steps away from the toilet, no AC above my head, and not in the main aisle.

Everything is good in Vivi’s world when that table is free.

Don’t let me start on what goes through my mind when someone is stealing it from me.

And this is all I have to say about the writer’s struggle #1: never underestimate the struggle of picking the right spot to write.


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