Darien’s Desire by Deryl Devoré

Hi all!

Today I have the pleasure to have Daryl Devoré with me, talking about her new story…. no. That’s not right. Because there’s another thing Daryl will talk about: theobromine.

Yep, that. So, let me pass the mic to her, and see what she’s up to.

I love theobromine.01_theobromine

What is it? Chocolate.

Strange how all those letters and lines when mixed together creates the soul satisfying delight known as chocolate. I had a t-shirt with that chemical compound on it, but I wore it out. I, also, had a t-shirt that smelled like chocolate. Wore out that one as well.

I have cookbooks, magazines and numerous weblinks dedicated to chocolate. My favourite book is The Seven Sins of Chocolate. To me that book is chocolate porn. There are no naked bodies, just incredible photos of chocolate. I can’t post any due to copyright issues, but oh wow, does that book hit me where it counts.

I detest liver. My dad loves liver and onions for dinner. It makes me gag. But my mom said, I loved chocolate so much that she’d bet she could dip the liver in chocolate and I’d eat it.

Luckily for me, she didn’t do it. I’m not sure what I would have done.

Strangely enough, I get my passion for chocolate from my father. Yes, the same man who loves liver and onions.

As I have sat here for 5 minutes staring at the screen, I’ve realized this is the 9th blog post I’ve written today and I’ve run out of words. So I shall end with some chocolate sayings.

Proof Chocolate is good for you


How to achieve a balanced life

03_ balanced diet.jpg

And if you need another reason to save the planet


What does chocolate have to do with my latest book? Absolutely nothing.

Thank you for this, Daryl. Now I want chocolate and have none because I’m at the Library…  Anyway, I’d like to point out that chocolate has to do a lot with your book IF you read it while you eat some, wich must be some Nirvana thing (not the band, the state of mind).

Let’s go back to the book for a moment. Here’s the blurb.

It’s complicated is not only her relationship status, but the definition of Erika Bailey’s life. She loves managing her drag queen club in Bangkok, Thailand, but her rock star boyfriend resides in North Carolina. And to top it off, her father threatens she must stay away from Darien or lose the Pink Flamingo. Does she protect her club or her love?

Darien Scott, Grammy award winning international superstar, wants nothing more than to wake up in the arms of Erika, the woman he loves, but contractual obligations force him to exotic video shoots and an isolated movie set with one of Hollywood’s sexiest stars.

With the feeding frenzy of social media trending every aspect of Darien’s life—real or not—it’s hard for Erika to know the truth. Will she be able to see through the lies and trust Darien? Or will evidence from damaging Internet rumors condemn their relationship?

And, here’s the excerpt of the book, to be read with a bar of chocolate or a jar of Nutella beside you.

Erika. Her name slapped against the inside of his head.

He was supposed to be faithful. Why? She didn’t even defend him. She’d buckled to her dad’s will with no concern that he’d be humiliated by being at the airport with no one to greet. How could she do that to him? She was supposed to love him.

He swallowed a swig of beer.

He could do what he wanted. He was Darien Scott. If he wanted to sleep with someone…Savannah, he would. Oh, and maybe the blonde, too. And to hell with non-supportive or trusting Baileys. He tossed his head back and chugged his beer.

After gulping several mouthfuls, Savannah leaned closer and pressed a quick kiss on his mouth. She tasted like Cackalacky, a local brew. Her breasts strained against her tight pink tank top. Huge breasts. Ones he’d spent hours discovering the joys of.

Swallowing some more beer, Savannah place her lips next to his ear. “So, what’s up with the new girl? DTR.”

Darien chuckled. “Simple. She’s blonde. Not even sure what her name is. She wants to fuck me. And she’s pretty pissed you moved in on her fuck of the night choice. Did that define the relationship enough for you?”

She licked his neck. “Oh, I want to do so much more than that. How about a little NCMO?”

“He’s too drunk to get that.” Nate slapped him on the back.

“I’m not drunk.” Darien shook his head. “I know what it means. I’m a rock star, we have to be up on all this shit. Non…non…no country monkies only.” He lifted his beer and gulped down what was left.

Savannah pressed her lips against his ear and her hand on his crotch. With each word spoken, she kneaded his balls. “Non. Committal. Make. Out. Translates to sex without attachments. Ooh. You’re getting the message. Big time.”

He leaned closer. “Hard not to.”

She tilted her face up and pressed her mouth on his. A warning signal tried to flash in his mind, but he squashed it down when Savannah slipped her tongue between his lips then pulled back, sliding her teeth along his bottom lip.

She ran her tongue across her top lip. “I really, really miss you. Remember that time on the beach? We fucked until dawn. Wanna do it again?” She stood, waggled her finger at him to follow her as she led the way out of the noisy bar.

Darien pushed back his chair, stood and followed.

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Thank you for staying with me!

I’ll see you guys in a little while!


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