Deb Julienne, Krista Ames, and R.M. Duffy of Like A Firework: A Celebration Of Love.

Hi all,

As promised, here the fist half of authors and stories from Like A Firework: A Celebration Of Love.

And it sure is a treat, because you’ll have some insight on the authors behind the stories so read on!

Please let’s hear the applause for

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Deb Julienne‘s story is Burst of Courage, contemporary suspense.

On the day Scarlett Ryan was to marry her long time love, her life changed forever. That loss left her vulnerable. In a moment of weakness, she married Vincent Jacoby to give her child a name. Since then her life has spiraled out of control. The only thing she knows is that she has to escape him before he follows through with his threats to take her child and ruin her life. When an opportunity presents itself, she grabs on and meets the future head-on.

How did you come up with the idea for your book?

The character of Scarlett was preplanned as the love interest for Dane Bronco in my Bronco Cowboy Series. In planning Dane’s book, I realized I had to write her book first…and had to come up with an idea of who she was, and how to get her to Texas and Dane’s story. Toss in the idea for July 4th and fireworks and the story took off. For it, I had to look up drug cartels, money laundering, and the FBI/DEA to get specific facts and that really helped the story along and gave me great ideas for other stories.


Next up is the contemporary Their One Right Thing, by Krista Ames.

Macy Bisbaugh was not about to get married without her best friend, who happened to be her lively golden retriever Maximus. Unfortunately, her fiancé didn’t care about her feelings or her dog so cancelling the wedding was her only choice.

Logan Sutton was doing his best as a full-time single dad to his energetic six-year-old Aribella. Finding a lost dog along the road made things interesting. When a reward poster appears for the animal sleeping in his daughter’s bed, telling Aribella she can’t keep her new best friend isn’t something Logan knows how to do. Can Logan and Macy work out visitation without complicating matters of the heart or will this particular match be their one right thing?

What does your writing space look like?

My writing space is my dining room table 🙂 It sits by a big window so I have a view of my back yard and can also see out the back door in case the kids are outside. Basically, I have full view of everything, kitchen and living room which makes it perfect for when I babysit.


And we get to R.M. Duffy and her The Real Me, a contemporary story with a dash of suspense.

In order to get out of the social funk she has been in her entire life, Dr. Lexi Monroe goes and does something completely out of character. On a whim, she signs up for a trip to Hawaii with a company called WanderLust, in hopes of stepping out of her comfort zone, and finally learning to have fun, even if it means pretending she’s someone else for a while.

Officer A.J. Owens has had his fair share of undercover cases, but this new assignment has him breaking all the rules. Not only is he screwing up left and right, but he’s starting to fall for the sweet, shy woman who turns out to be his number one suspect. Can he get to the truth before he not only loses the case, but the woman he loves?

How did you come up with the idea for your story?

The idea for my story came from a commercial I heard on the radio. The commercial was for an organization set up for singles only. They take little outings like, wine tastings, hikes, and other activities that let people mingle with others. My mind just started wandering with what if possibilities. What if they offered short vacations all over the world? Yes! That would be awesome. But, then I started thinking, how could I make this into an interesting story that people would actually want to read? Why not throw a little bit of illegal activity in it? Yes! The story just started to take on a life of its own from there and was truly a pleasure to write. I fell in love with all the characters and I hope to give them all stories of their own in the future.


Well, these are the first three stories of the collection, I hope you liked them and come by next Monday for the last three!



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