Stage #7 big time

Which is Depressed.

All Those Miles I Walked, my last Crescent Creek series baby, is currently in the stage of being edited after it came back home from the editor.

Basically, it’s done.

It gave me lots of grief, nothing seemed to go the way I wanted, and maybe because of it, now that is over and it turned out to be a great story, I feel like a UFC fighter after a match. Beaten to pulp.

Everything else drags, I don’t really want to finish those edits, outside is hot and humid, and last night I woke up 10,000 times to pee. I have to shave my legs, and I just bit my inner lip so bad I can’t taste the chocolate I ate, but only blood. And I don’t care. Because I’m in an I don’t care state of mind.

So, since bummed-out-procrastination is a talent of mine, I went on to see if this emotional ameba was only me, or other writers get this pathetic.

Turns out, I’m not alone.


I found this great article by a Pauline Rowson, a famous British novelist, who listed those phases very well.

I’ll list the stages but whether you are a novelist, a novelist’s friend, or someone who actually lives with a novelist, I encourage you to read the original post so you know A) What is wrong with us B) Make an informed decision as if today is the right day to hang out with your novelist friend/spouse – not advisable when #4, 5, 6,7 are going on but hey, you married us or said you were our friend, so put on your big boy/girl underpants and come help us getting through this crap pronto.

You’re welcome.

Here are the stages per Pauline Rowson:

1. Excitement

2. Frustration

3. Relief

4. Doubt

5. Fear

6. Hope and Anxiety

7. Depression

Finally, I thought I should mention here what several writers experience after completing a novel. Some indeed do become depressed others’ experience a sense of anti-climax, having lived with their novel for so long it has become so much a part of them and now is the time they have to let go.

As the post title says, I’m #7.

Fucking great.



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