The Rock Stars: Our Songs #interview #romance #sale for this weekend PART TWO

Hi all,

Thank you for staying with us!

As promised, here’s the second part of the blog about the ladies behind those hot Rock Stars.

91wf0NGlq6L._UX250_When The Lights Go Down by Krista Ames

Krista has a crazy life chasing dogs, cats and kids, but wouldn’t have it any other way… except solitude to write.

I asked Krista what does she like to do when she’s not writing, and here’s what she said:

I love to spend as much time with my kids as possible, they are growing up way too fast!!

Krista’s story is one about miscommunication.

A chance encounter and a backstage pass changed everything for bass player Dj Anderson and college grad student Regan Fleming. Can they find a happy medium? Is there a way to co-exist with two very different life styles or is love just not enough?


What If by R.M. Duffy.61u9TvYrlGL._UX250_

Rhonda is a very sensitive and self-conscious person, but writing gives her the confidence to do and say things she wouldn’t have the courage to do in real life.

I asked her about her dream cast, and I sure loved her answer:

If my story was made into a movie, my main characters would be Megan Fox and Chris Pratt.

It’s so easy to relate to Mia, Rhonda’s heroine!

Mia Jones craves the one thing her ex-husband couldn’t give her—love.

Shane Reynolds’ future plans are simple, to play music. The only relationship he wants is with his band. Can Mia make Shane see that his future could be so much better with her in it?

81tmVEH3iHL._UX250_.jpgRock Steady by D’Ann Lindun.

D’Ann is a native Coloradoan, married 34 yrs with one grown daughter, loves writing, photography, horses, trailriding, yardsaling, Denver Broncos, gardening– but not necessarily in that order!

I asked her who her stricter critic was, and she said:

Other authors, as critique partners. No punches pulled, have made me both tougher and better.

Her story is when it all comes together. Wanna know why? Read the collection (you can’t really expect me to say that, can you ;D ?).

Country music newcomer Maura Whittaker only comes home to Black Mountain because her agent thinks it’s good publicity. Black Mountain, Colorado, is the last place she expects to fall in love with sexy rock star, Dalton Stone. Can rock and country mix to make beautiful music?


So, here’s the collection, and the people who made it happen.

I want to use this occasion to give the hugest thank you to Melissa Keir, a great author herself, and the angel behind the scene of The Rock Stars, the one who took on herself the headaches of horrible things like formatting and packing 6 novellas into a neat, beautiful package. Thank you, Melissa!

I do hope you’ll use the FREE WEEK END to read our Rock Stars’ stories!  



Uh, while I’m here… reviews are a writer’s bread. If you have 3 minutes to write one, that would be a cool thing. No pressure. Just saying. Thanks!



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