The Rock Stars: Our Songs #interview #romance #sale for this weekend PART ONE

Hi all, 61CI0oK7QhL

our ROCK STARS: OUR SONGS is going to be on sale this week-end. So, what better occasion to stop for a moment, and take a better look at each story and its author?

I asked my fellow ladies to answer a random question, and a line about themselves.

Here’s what we came up with, I hope you enjoy!

Let’s start with Zinger by Nikki Lynn Barrett.

61da0GAe8uL._UX250_Nikki Lynn is an advocate for all things creative and loves to keep people guessing about what she does next. When I asked her what she likes to do when she’s not writing, that’s what she said:

Umm…NOT writing? What is this strange thing you speak of? Lol. Okay, okay….I love reading, singing, annoying my son with different parodies I make up about him, spending time with family and friends, karaoke, storm chasing if there’s any good ones in Arizona….Really, should I go on? I try to keep busy and find fun and interesting things to do.

The story she brings into the collection is one of dreams and friendship–and chemistry, of course!

Rock star Zeke Sketcher and aspiring singer Ariel Lexington meet and bond over music on a reality singing show. He’s got a mega hot career and a reputation, she’s a young woman trying to find herself after growing up in a strict, sheltered life. What happens when the show is over and it’s time to move on with their lives?

Rock Me Softly by Lisa Kumar.71MImqgw-WL._UX250_

Lisa is a wife, mother, and writer who loves going for walks and taking Zumba classes–and, of course, reading. The answer to my question is spot on, and oh so true! Here it is: is there anything about the writing life that you think is misunderstood by the public?

I think many people think writing is easy for authors. That we sit down, and the words just pour out without any thought or need for editing. How I wish that were true! I could write so much faster if it were. And I wouldn’t have to worry about losing a plot thread or how to weave it in.

In her story, we have an insecure and vulnerable heroine and a gentleman rock star. What can possibly go wrong?

After a cheating and drug-addicted ex leaves rock star Lucien Blackhawk reeling, he wants to get away from big-city life for a while. The small town of Poplin, Iowa, seems the perfect place to do that. But will he find a new home with the luscious yet naive librarian who captures his attention—and his heart?

She Came With The Tide by  yours truly Viviana MacKade.2017-04-20 09.45.28 am.png
Okay, that’s me. Italian by birth, Floridian by adoption. Chocolate addict. Messy mom. Horses lover, and, let’s face it, neurotic (in a cute way, of course).

The question I asked myself (weird, right?) is: if you were stranded on a deserted island and can have only 2 people with you, a person from your books and a person from any other book, which would they be?

From my own book, is Erik. Not because he’s the hero of my latest story, but because if I’m stranded on an island, I’m bound to be not happy. Panicked is what I would be, and I’d need someone able to laugh our way until we’re back to civilization. And he’s hot. From any other book, it would be Nick Cappuano, from the Fatal Series by Marie Force. First, the man has contacts that could take all of us home from that darned island, then he’s just sweet, and patient. And hot. See a trend here?

In my story, we have opposites that make the whole perfect.

Ax had it all: talent, fame, money. Without a second thought, he’d traded it all for the sunshine and a surfboard. Young, rich, and free – what more could he need? Andrea Smith escaped the life her parents imposed on her when they joined a cult. On the run ever since, she had no clue her life would change with that simple ‘yes.’ But the past catches up with her, forcing Andrea to choose what person she wants to be: the scared cult member that obeyed in silence, or the new woman Erik made blossom.


Here’s where you can find our Rock Stars for FREE this weekend, and stay tuned because tomorrow it’s the time to know more about the other R&R Ladies, Krista Ames, Rhonda Duffy, and D’Ann Lindun!


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