I’m at January George Blog for an interview! #authorinterview #rockstars

Hi all,

Today, I am at January George for an interview, you don’t want to miss it!

Here are few lines of it:

Do you have any writing quirks or superstitions?
I am not, by any means, a tidy person. OCD really is not an issue with me. But. When I write my desk has to be clear of anything I don’t need. I’m currently writing in a library (too many procrastination possibilities at home), and I have to sit in the same spot, that was chosen for its closeness to the restrooms, its distance from any AC vent, and its view. And god forbid if someone sits in front of me. That’s just an abomination, a rude invasion of my (public) space. Big Bang Theory’s Sheldon Cooper, anybody? Plus, I’m a compulsive drinker (relax, just herbal teas). I think, and drink. Write the sentence, thought, and drink. I can go through a gallon of water in the 3 hours I spend into the library (hence the need to be close to the restroom.)

Go take a look!





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