Erik from She Came With the Tide is at Jenna Jaxon’s! #romance #characterinterview


2017-04-24 04.12.56 pmHi all,

Jenna Jaxon invited Erik from She Came with the Tide for an interview on her blog. Now, I know I’m biased about him, but he really is very cool. Go take a look at Jenna’s, see if I’m wrong!

Here are the few lines of the talk they had.

Today I’m interviewing Erik Axelsson, from She Came With the Tide. We had his author, Viviana Mackade, on Be My Guestjust a couple of weeks ago, so now I get your side of the story. LOL

Have you and Vivihad any major disagreements so far?

No, not really. Vivi can be a little intense but then, I’m a laid back dude.


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