Margaret from Blackbeard’s Daughter.

Hi everybody,

Today, I have the pleasure to have with me Margaret, Blackbeard’s daughter, for an interview that define weird is an understatement. 

Vivi – Let’s start easy. Your name?

Margaret – Margaret.

V – Have you ever had a nickname?

M – I am only Margaret.

V – Profession?

 M – I am a wife, an older sister, and a friend.  My family is my world.

V – Are you happy about your life?

M – Yes, though there are definitely things I’d change.  I wish my whole family were with me.  I miss my parents greatly, I was orphaned far too soon.

V – I’m sorry about that. Have you ever thought your life, the good and the bad of it, would be made into a book?

M – Never! Reading it a second time was not quite as hard as experiencing it, however.

V – Your thoughts on love.

M – I am a romantic at heart, but only when it comes to the right man. One who respects me, values me, and honors my individuality.

V – Talking about your individuality, what would you change about yourself?

M – I wish I hadn’t killed all those men. 

V – Well, okay. That’s not something you hear every day.

M – I will have to serve penance for that.  I trust God will, in time, forgive me for my transgressions.

V – I’m sure you had your reasons, which make your story so interesting. On a lighter level, what is your greatest extravagance?

M – I love furs, of every variety!

V – And your quirky habits:

M – Not many women can say they can both wield a gun and practice medicine. But can I do both at the same time? That would be even more impressive.

V – It certainly would. Which talent would you like to have, beside the above?

M – Being a mother.  I wish, with my whole heart, that I could cradle my infant in my arms and rock him to sleep.

V – The quality you most like in a man/woman.

M – Kindness.

V – The trait you most despise.

M – Deceit or trickery.

V – If deceit is the thing you most hate, does that mean you never lie?

M – The Bible says lying is a sin.  I’d only lie to save others.

V – If you were to die and come back as a person or thing, what would you like to be?

M – I’d come back as my son, so he could experience life through me.

V – You are a strange parson, Margaret. What kind of impression do you make on people when they first meet you? Is that accurate?

V – They think I am a wilting little flower, like every other woman in 1719 pretends to be. But, alas, I am not like that. I am strong, and independent, and brave.  I am me.

V – You seem like your own woman, free and with a strong will. Is there anything you’ve always wanted to do but haven’t done?

M – Raise my own child.

V – Worst and best thing that happened to your life.

M -The worst thing was losing my son.  The best thing was leaving Bath.

V – The worst thing you’ve ever done to someone and why.

M – I have killed many, many people out of vengeance and fear.  I wish I could take it back now.

V – Oh. I had forgotten that. Okay. Despite you being good with guns and generally any weapon, is there something you are afraid of?

M – I am most afraid of change.

V – That’s a great and honest answer. What do you value the most?

M – The ones I love.

V – What is in your refrigerator right now?

M – I’m not sure what you mean. 

V – (Note to self: ALWAYS check the questions before the interview, so not only you don’t look like an idiot, but you also don’t look like a poor excuse for a host. The one who’s supposed to ask intelligent questions.) You know what? Let’s move on to the next question, shall we? So, favorite dish.

M – Johnnycakes with apple butter are my absolute favorite.

V – The perfect night out.

M – Ladies don’t go out at night alone, it’s not safe.  However, if Robert were to accompany me, I’d love to just walk by the water’s edge and gaze at the stars.

V – Do you have someone you consider a hero? What would you change about him?

M – My father Blackbeard was definitely a hero, but there are some things I’d change. For one, I’d make him more grounded, so he can fulfill his fatherly duties a bit better.  He was too flighty, too quick to run off to sea. And I feel, unfortunately, that it led to his untimely death.  If he had stayed on land, none of us would have been in the position we were in.

V – What did you like about him?

M – He was adventurous, and craved a life beyond the ordinary.  I also liked how he protected me. He would take me for long walks along the sea, and he’d always amuse me with his funny voices.  I miss those memories greatly.

V – Well, Margaret, it’s been a real pleasure to have you with me today, and I hope many people will read your story.


You can find Margaret’s story on Amazon.

If you want to catch up with Diana, you can find her on Facebook , Twitter, or Goodreads.

I hope you enjoyed this interview,

I’ll see you next week,



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