Guy Lapierre, from Brace for Impact.

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Brace for Impact is the release of the single story taken from the Crashing into Love box set, where we see in what trouble Guy Lapierre and Paix Allcot.

What could be simpler than a routine plane trip from Toronto, Canada to Caracas, Venezuela for a rookie flight attendant and a sexy R.C.M.P. officer?  But Fate had other intentions.

After leaving a disastrous marriage, Paix Allcot begins a new career as a flight attendant. The romance of travel plus the desperate need to be on any other continent other than the one her ex is on seems like a dream job. For the first time, Paix is no longer a trainee and the passengers in economy class are under her care. Especially the handsome passenger seated in 36C.

Guy Lapierre, undercover officer, is following a vicious human-trafficker. He has little time for relationships. Too many innocent lives are at stake. But when the plane crashes and Guy is stranded on a tropical island, he is forced to work with Paix to survive until he discovers that the man he is tracking is Paix’s older brother.

Can a pink bra and a hot night on the side of a volcano save the relationship and their lives?

Today, we get to spend few minutes with Guy.

Vivi -Thank you for stopping by for this interview. Let’s start with the basics. Name?

Guy – Guy Lapierre

V- Have you ever had a nickname?

G- The girls have been known to call me Stud Muffin. Sex Toy. Then are always the ones my buds call me – but most of those aren’t printable.

V – I’m sure of it, and thank you for not getting me into trouble. Profession?

G – R.C.M.P. (Royal Canadian Mounted Police Officer – and no I don’t always go around on a horse.)

V – Are you happy about your life?

G – My job is stressful and can grind a guy down, but with Paix in my life I couldn’t be happier.

V – Talking about Paix. Your thoughts on love?

G – A totally unmanly thing to say, but I love being in love with Paix.

V – That’s not unmanly, it’s sweet, but I’ll let you off the hook with the next question. If you were to die and come back as a person or thing, what would you like to be?

G – A dog. What a wonderful life. Sleep all day. Play fetch. Eat. Scratch.

V – Worst and best thing that happened to your life.

G – Worse thing – almost dying. Best – the plane crash that stranded Paix and I together on that island.

V – What are you most afraid of? 

G – Doing something stupid and losing Paix. My relationship record is not all that stellar.

V – The perfect vacation.

G – Having met while stranded on a tropical island, a beach vacation is not my idea of a good thing. Maybe a lion safari (shooting photos – not guns!) or an underwater adventure stalking great white sharks.

V – Yes, I can see your trouble with the beach. What were your first thoughts and impressions when you and Paix first met?

G – Well considering the position I caught Paix in, my first impression is me trying not to bust a gut laughing. But the view was pretty fantastic.

V- Thank you, Guy, for being with me today. If you want to know more about him and Paix, here’s an excerpt.


Guy drank his beer and munched his chocolate bar while scanning the water for more and hopefully useful debris. Restlessness nudged him. He decided to try another trip to the hillside, in the opposite direction. Maybe he could get a cell signal there. He stashed away all the things he’d collected under the palm fronds, slung his backpack over his shoulder and headed off on his second adventure of the day.

As he wandered through lush green shrubs, he kept his eyes and ears open. He’d need more fruit to survive. Finding other survivors would help too. What else grew in the tropics? Didn’t pineapples grow here? How the hell does a pineapple grow? He shrugged and looked up. On a tree?

Small scurrying critters crinkled the underbrush. He glanced in the direction of the noise, but didn’t spot the wildlife. A tiny lizard stood on the side of a slanted palm tree. From under its chin a bright red balloon swelled and diminished. Guy chuckled. “Sorry, dude. Not your species.”

The distinct crash of a larger animal through the bushes pushed the nervous tension up two notches. He edged himself around until he faced the direction of the noise. A bush shook. Guy reached behind to grab his gun, but found nothing. He sighed. His gun was in his luggage on the plane. Damn flight restrictions. He glanced around his feet looking for a sharp stick, large rock, anything that could act as a weapon. He found sand and dried leaves.

Placing a hand on the branch of a bush, he eased it aside and stepped into the empty space. Continuing this movement, he edged closer to the next bush. He dropped to one knee, and pushed a leaf from his view. Two feet in front of him was a woman in a flight attendant’s uniform. She hitched up her skirt, dropped her panties and squatted. Guy shook his shoulders, inhaled a deep breath and slipped into his French Canadian undercover persona. He chuckled and stood. “Bonjour, mademoiselle.”

Her face snapped in his direction. Her brow pulled down. “A little privacy, if you don’t mind!”


The reviews are amazing for this story:

Daryl Devore’s book was fantastic also it was probably one of my favorites of the set. I was crying at the end thinking the worst but it turned out great.

Find Guy’s story on Amazon, or Createspace.

If you want to keep up with Daryl, you can do it on her blog.

I hope you enjoyed this week’s post, I’ll see you guy soon!

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  1. What a fun interview. I can just imagine the shade of red I’d be if someone caught me squatting in the woods! All the best!


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