Heart of Desire by Jenna Jaxon

Hey everybody,

today, I have the pleasure to have best-selling, multi-published author of historical romance Jenna Jaxon here with me.

She has equated her writing to an addiction to chocolate. I strongly disagree with her statement. Chocolate does not give any sort of addiction. I’d know, given the amount I can eat.

So, let’s see if Jenna and I can find other things to disagree on.

Vivi- Do you have quirky writing habits?
Jenna- I do have a couple. I drink hot tea when writing at home, rarely or never coffee. If I’m writing somewhere else, I drink coffee. And I have to have it quiet to write fiction; non-fiction, I need some kind of noise in the background. I know, weird.

Vivi- The strangest thing you ever researched for your book.
Jenna- Not for this book, but for a book several years ago I had my husband drip hot wax on my     back so I could describe the sensation for an erotic book. It felt like a hypodermic being     plunged into my flesh.

Vivi- Yeah, I get that. I once had Marco drag me by my feet around the house, so I could see where it hurts… He doesn’t even ask anymore.

Vivi- Hidden or uncommon talent that helps/makes it harder to write the story?
Jenna- I think being a theater person and working in the theater for so long has made it easier forme to write dialogue.

Vivi- A fun fact about writing your book.
Jenna- A fun fact about this book was that I wrote the book that comes after it, Heart of Delight, before I wrote this one.

Vivi- Which kind of scenes are the hardest for you to write? Action, dialogue, sex?
Jenna- None of those, but having to write description gives me fits.

Vivi- Describe your writing style in ten words or less.
Jenna- Fluid writing that sucks the reader in and drowns her.

Vivi- Mission accomplished. And you, dear Reader, yes, you that don’t believe me, just try the excerpt.

Vivi- Favorite book.
Jenna- Devilish by Jo Beverley

Vivi- Favorite author
Jenna- In romance, Jo Beverley; outside of romance, Stephen King

Vivi- Which other writers you consider mentors?
Jenna- Judi McCoy, a member of my local chapter was my mentor for a too short time. Heart of Desire and the whole Handful of Hearts series is dedicated to Judi.

Vivi- How long does it take to write a story?
Jenna- That totally depends on the story and how long it is. I can write the rough draft of a novella in 10 days (Heart of Delight took from Sunday to Sunday, but I was on retreat) and full-length maybe two months if I’m dedicated. But my first book took me six months to write and came out at 187,000 words.

Vivi- Totally jealous here. I can’t even decide a Character’s name in 10 days…

Vivi- Pen or computer.
Jenna- Pen for rough draft, computer for all others.

Vivi- Yes, me too! I have an exercise book for everything I write, with the rough plot, the characters, and the synopsis of each chapter.

Vivi- Music or silence.
Jenna- As I said above, silence for writing romance.

Vivi- Alone or in public.
Jenna- I assume we’re talking about writing?

Vivi- Eh eh eh… yes, writing.

Jenna– Either.

Vivi- Routine or when inspiration struck.
Jenna- I keep a list of ideas or inspirations for books, but I can’t write them the moment I get the spark. I usually have to let them percolate.

Vivi- Outline or just write
Jenna- Outline always! I’m a plotter and a linear writer. I just can’t skip ahead and write whatever scene I want. I write detailed outlines and follow them, although I do allow for changes and spurts of inspiration for additions.

Vivi- If you were stranded on a deserted island and could have only 2 people with you, a person from your book and a person from any other book, which would they be?
Jenna- Oh, from another person’s book. Either Beowulf Rothgar from Devilish or Jamie Fraser from Outlander. Or both if I had my way. 🙂

Vivi– Both it is. I hate choosing.

Okay, Jenna and I have different views only when it come to eating tons of chocolate.

Now, her last work is Heart of desire, and here’s the blurb for you.

Follow your heart to find your desire
Miss Katherine Locke is irked to start her third season dancing with the disagreeable Lord Haversham, her brother’s friend and her own arch enemy. After three years out, however, she’s finally interested in the dashing Lord Finley—only to find out her cousin has set her cap for him too. To make the man jealous, Kate feigns interest in Lord Haversham, only to be shocked to find the handsome lord apparently falling for her. With time running out, should she accept his suit and risk falling in love despite herself?
Marcus, Lord Haversham, is in a tight pinch. His estates are failing and worse, he’s just lost three thousand pounds to his best friend, Lord Ainsley. Ainsley’s solution: have Marcus marry his shrewish sister and he’ll cancel his gambling debt plus give him ten thousand more pounds for her dowry. With nowhere to turn, Marcus agrees, praying he can keep word of the wager from Miss Locke long enough to charm her into marrying him. But can he avoid falling in love himself?

And here’s the excerpt.

“Who are you looking for?” Celinda peered in the same direction as Kate.

“That gentleman. The stranger I asked you about just now. Did you really not see him?” Had she imagined the man? “Where did he go?” she muttered.

“I have no idea who you are talking about, cuz.” Celinda snapped her fan open, catching the attention of a gentleman across the room.

“Why are you flirting with Bertie Symmons? We’ve known him since we were eight years old and he cried when his mama wouldn’t allow him to climb a tree.” Kate glared at the young man in question, the son of one of their neighbors in Somerset.

“One has to flirt with old friends sometimes if one wants to dance badly enough.” Celinda touched the edge of the fan with her finger, snapped it closed, and smiled at Bertie, who hastily excused himself and headed toward them.

“I’ve never wanted to dance quite that badly.” Kate sniffed and wiggled her toes in her new green satin slippers. Standing for so long during the early part of the Season took some getting used to. “I do wish I had an inkling of who I wanted to flirt with.”

“As do I.” Celinda laughed. “I have no idea so far this Season. I’m just practicing on Bertie so I’ll remember how.”

“Lady Celinda, Miss Locke.”

Kate whirled around, coming face to face with Lady Hamilton and the handsome stranger she’d been looking for. Lord, but he looked even more attractive up close. He smiled charmingly, revealing white, even teeth in a wide mouth with sensual lips. Her heart threatened to cease beating.

Celinda’s china blue eyes widened, a brilliant smile on her lips. She curtsied, and Kate followed suit, quite unable to take her gaze off the gentleman.

“Ladies, good evening once more.” Lady Hamilton nodded, smiling first at one then the other of them. “May I introduce Lord Finley? He is recently returned from some five years in America.”

Kate’s heart beat so hard her chest hurt. She snapped her fan open and plied it vigorously, hoping she wouldn’t swoon.

If you want, you can find Jenna here:






And if you want to read the story, here’s the link: 


I hope you guys enjoyed reading this,

see you soon!

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  1. I do think it odd that I can write academic stuff with something blaring in the background, but can’t when I write romance. I guess it interferes with my muse’s frequency. LOL
    Thank you, Donna and Daryl!


  2. Jenna, has been a pleasure to have you!And all your covers are amazing.
    I prefer silence too, even when I was writing essays of whatever in college. I can manage people talking in the background, but no music. I guess it has too much of a pull to me to ignore it. I conjure most of my scenes with the help of music, so it really doesn’t work when I’m trying to put that on paper.
    Daryl, I sincerely love Triberr. Best idea ever. Again, thank you for telling me about it.


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