Unexpected Love by Liza O’Connor

The thing that most impressed me about Liza, is the sheer variety of her stories. I mean, you take a look at her Amazon catalogue (really, do it HERE), and you’ll find a story for whatever mood you’re in.

Today, tough, we’re focusing on her last effort, Unexpected Love, book II of White Oak-Mafia Series.

Not only she’s so good she can write pretty much whatever she wants, but she doesn’t shy away from uncomfortable topics, either. Here’s what Liza shares with us about her character, Helen, and her stand about the right to die with dignity.

“This is a right every human should have, but few of us do. Thus, we should be like Helen and pre-plan our DIY Death with Dignity. At the time this book was written, Iowa, like most of our states does not have a Die With Dignity law, so Helen made sure she had enough pain killers to do it herself. The last thing she wanted was for her horrid sons to hospitalize her and keep her alive but in excruciating pain for as long as they could. Given how much her sons hate her for selling her land to Megan (the heroine from A Fortune To Die For), they would have done it if they had known she was dying from liver cancer.

Instead, once she felt certain Steel would protect and love her granddaughter Tess, she grabbed her pills and attempted to walk to the mounds where she wished to die. She could only make it to the village area. There she took her pills and waited for her final peace. Fortunately, Tess and Steel found her and were able to carry her to the mounds so she could die where she wanted.

There is no shame in dying with dignity, even if we are forced to do it ourselves because our politicians are afraid to give us a right that should be an undeniable right. “

Unexpected Love is a contemporary suspense/sweet romance. Here’s the blurb and a little bite of it.

Tess Campbell is a mafia princess who wants nothing to do with her dangerous family. She’d rather spend her life making Grams’s forest the best state park in Iowa. 

Alistair Castile, aka Steel, is a British prince, his archeological career in ruins due to his promiscuous nature. He’s hired on as forest manager of Tess’s woods and quickly falls in love with the charming young woman, so different from the socialites of his world.

Only there are several serious barriers between them: Steel’s career cannot withstand another scandal and Tess’s father will kill anyone who gets in the way of his daughter marrying a Chicago mobster.


Excerpt for Unexpected Love

Steel found Tess at the village site kneeling on the grass. Impossible as it seemed, Helen had somehow managed to walk halfway up the steep hill before giving up.

Tess’s eyes filled with relief on sight of him.

“She’s still alive, but unconscious. I’ve put her on the carrier. Will you help me carry her horizontally?”

He nodded and took hold of one end as she took the other. Together they carried Helen the remaining hundred yards and placed her between the two mounds.

Tess knelt behind Helen’s head. Her hand gently rubbed Grams’ forehead. “You made it to the mounds, Grams. You’ve achieved your last objective.” Tess burst into tears as her body shook with grief. Steel dropped to his knees behind her and wrapped her in his arms, pulling her tight to his chest.

When his knees began to ache, he was tempted to stand, but then he heard the faint sound of Indian drums and chants. He thought it was only his imagination until Tess cocked her head as well.

“Do you hear that?” she whispered.

He nodded, and they both stood. She turned about, trying to find the direction of the chants. They seemed to be coming out of the ground covering the mounds.

As he stared at the apparent source of the sounds, the ghostly image of an old Indian wearing black bear fur rose from the bear mound and floated to Helen. He squatted down and placed a green stone on her forehead, painted her face with blue dye, and then stared up to the skies. His voice grew louder, almost like a plea to the Gods, then after a moment of silence he began a chant. While she couldn’t understand his words, Tess was certain he was wishing her a good future life.

When the soft spoken, almost musical chanting stopped, the man disappeared, as did the paint upon Gram’s face. The green stone, however, remained.

You can catch Liza on her blog by CLICKING HERE. Or, she has a Twitter account, HERE, and a Facebook account, HERE.

Unexpected Love is the second book of the White Oak-Mafia Series. If you want to read the first book, A Fortune To Die For, CLICK HERE to be directed on Amazon.








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  1. I loved this series… in fact, I love all of Liza’s series books. She is funny, witty and does write about the most interesting things!


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